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Hawkes Bay Gardens

Some of New Zealand most beautiful gardens in Hawkes Bay

Eskridge Garden

Hawkes Bay boasts some of New Zealand most beautiful gardens. Trellinnoe Park, just a short drive north of Eskridge on the Napier / Taupo Road, comprises a magnificant 30 acres of garden with an exceptionally wide and varied collection of trees, shrubs, perennials and natives. With its landscaped woodland paths, wide sweeps of lawns, clipped hedges, hillsides of flowering trees and spectacular vistas, it is well worth visiting.

There are also charity garden tours which prove very popular in Hawkes Bay.

Create your own Garden Desires

If its your own garden you desire, Eskridge lot sizes vary to cater for those who would like just a small garden or those who wish to plant a more expansive size garden.  A wide range of plants enjoy the Eskridge environment. The choice is yours.

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Hawkes Bay,New Zealand

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